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Jean Shopping

This task probably ranks right up there with bathing suit shopping for women. Finding a new pair of jeans.

I use to find a pair I loved and when a new pair was needed, head back to said location to buy a new pair. I suddenly found that jeans change over time. I had to look elsewhere.

So, Saturday, as I waited for my 17 year old to get out of his guitar lesson, I went jean shopping. Had I found a pair I loved, I would have bought them on the spot. Did this happen? Not so much.

I am somewhere between 5’4″ and 5’6″ – probably closer to 5’6″ when I have on shoes. I don’t call that petite. I have been buying clothing lately at Lane Bryant. This is not going to last long as I am at the small end of their spectrum and, if you don’t get there the minute the truck unloads, you don’t get much choice.

Lane Bryant has just introduced a new sizing and style for their jeans. I figured this would be great. Well, not so much. My “body shape” indicates that I should wear a “red” jean. I hated the red jeans when I tried them on. I have sizable thighs from many years of bicycling. The red jeans were cut too narrowin the thigh.

The “yellow” jeans were suppose to be for some other body type. They evidently are vastly different as I dropped a whole size in them. They fit. I did not like the fit. They gave no shape to the back end at all. Maybe truly big women don’t want shape to their butts but heck, it looks funny flat – especially when I know it isn’t. On top of that, the waist was a tad bit too large and the length! Oh, my! I would not call myself petite. Yet, the length in the regular length jeans was too much for my inch and a half heels I had on. I would probably have had to have the jeans altered or wear four inch heels to have the length on these be okay.

So, jean shopping has again proved to be the bane of my existence. I will need to find a new place to shop for jeans.

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