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A Great Fall Weekend

Autumn Tree

Yes, it finally feels like fall in upstate NY. So this weekend, I am going to watch my beloved Mountaineers play football – what else is a November weekend for. I am also going to spend some time menu planning.

I try to menu plan all year round. It doesn’t work but the winter sports season starts on Monday. This means that my oldest at home has to come home from school – some days as late as 5 pm and turn around and head to diving practice at 6:30 at a neighboring high school. It is essential that I have dinner ready by 5 and without some planning, I can’t do it.

An online friend has a great site! It is a blog called The Freezer Chicks. While these women do a lot of OAMC – once a month cooking, I just want their recipes. When looking today, there had a bunch of new ones up and I am stealing them.

I can’t wait to try Bottle Cap Chili (comes with a story as to how it got its name), Pasta with Pumpkin and Sausage (because we all know I am a pumpkin FANATIC), Lemon Glazed Chicken, or the ever popular Tater Tot Casserole. While these are new and who knows what the boys will think, I can mix them into a weekly plan with some standards for my house – Potato Soup, Barbeque Chicken – and the boys should be fine.

I will try – if the football game does not become too distracting – to post a menu later today.

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