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November Background Technique


Purple Pearl

The November background technique for The Latest Trends in Mixed Media is to make backgrounds using colors from magazines.

Several years ago, I gave up subscribing to magazines. I was going to read at the library, have less waste/recycling. The environmentalist in me wanted to get rid of it all. Well, that didn’t last all that long. I would get offers for free magazines, via email, and would subscribe to those. I would still buy craft magazines. Now I am back to getting a few magazines that I actually pay for and the biggest one is Vogue. There is usually an article or two in the 400 plus pages but it is the ads, the inspiration that I get from it that makes it worth the money.

Above is a purple background done last night. Instead of texturizing it, I went over it with a sponge brush and pearlescent tinting gel for acrylics. It is not perfect but I love it.  Below are a blue and a pumpkin one I did.

Blues     Pumpkin

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