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Dating – Who Leads?

On my way – with thoughts in my head from watching a “dating expert” and “matchmaker” on the CBS Early Show – here to write, I came across a headline on Yahoo! news that just begged to be read. I couldn’t hold back and clicked the link on “Politician thinks Marriage should Expire after Seven Years.” I am sure that is foder for a future blog.

Anyway, back to my watching this dating segment. I try to pay attention to these things. While I have been single for ten and a half years, I have dated very little in that time. I keep thinking things have changed since my “dating scene” was the sorority and frat life at WVU. Possibly, it is easier now but that is not the prevailing thought here.

To summarize and paraphrase the “expert,” men really like being in charge of the dating process. They tend to let women pay or initiate dating but it puts down their ego and ends up hurting the process.

Now, I have to say that my recent experiences have shown this to be true. I had a really great conversation going with a guy. We seemed to click on every level. I asked him if he would like to go see a movie. I’ll be honest I wasn’t even thinking date. I was just looking for someone who would enjoy a good, first run movie that was not animated or typical 16 year old movie stuff. It took days for me to realize he was suddenly very quiet. Actually, I noticed it right away but thought he must be busy at work so hasn’t said anything about the movie because he would be unable to go. I was so wrong. He seriously was uncomfortable with me taking the lead.

So, what are you opinions? What are you experiences?

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