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Speed Dating

I had this great blog almost done. One sentence left to complete and, well, suffice it to say I hate VISTA! I will try to recreate but chances are not that good.

I have been contemplating registering for a speed dating event sponsored by a dating site in the greater Binghamton area. I would prefer to go to one in Endicott as it is closer to where I live and I am familiar with the location. Comfort zone and all. May decide comfort should be thrown out the window in this particular instance.

Well, much to my surprise, earlier this week I received a magazine in the mail. It is one of the rare ones I actually subscribe to as oppose to reading online. There in the table of contents was an “article” on speed dating. Now the magazine is geared to women over 40 – a group I am firmly in. I figure I can finally get a take on speed dating from someone my age or close anyway.

I should have looked more closely at the description of the “article.” I still am not quite 100% sure what the author does but here is a brief take on it. She is either a comic strip designer or a political cartoonist. The “article” is three pages of graphics and text bubbles. A wonderful way to explain it!

Let’s just say that there was nothing in this three page comic strip to make me run to my computer and register for the next local event. The author does say the process may work for some but it is just not for her. Guess I will have to figure it out myself sometime.

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