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Favorite Season of the Year

Not my most favorite but one of my favorite seasons of the year is about to start in less than 36 hours. I am not talking summer, spring, winter or fall – I have a favorite there, too. I am talking college football!

I, ever since attending West Virginia University in the early 80’s, have a been a college football fanatic! I love it! I would rather watch college football than high school football – though, as a good mother, I did attend every game my son played in at the varsity level. I would rather watch college football than professional football. I really think there is something wrong with the helmets professional football players wear – something happens to their reasoning abilities when they get to that level.

Anyway, in less than 36 hours, Syracuse will open the local college season with a home game against Washington. SU should lose but who knows for sure. WVU will play at SU, which is less than an hour away. I may get up there for that game. I may get to a University at Buffalo game this year too. Not sure of that. All I am positive of is that when the weather turns crappy – as it so often does in Binghamton, NY – I will have college football to watch on Saturday afternoons through November!

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