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So what do all those things mean?

Okay, so you all may not be able to relate to this entry. If you have ever signed up for an account at an online dating/personals site, you will understand.

Remember back to when you first signed onto cupid.com? You wrote the profile and then clicked on all those little “traits” – height, build, eye color, college, work, etc – about yourself and about the one you are looking for. You also got to choose how important each trait is.

How many of you think you need meet every trait a person puts up there to send them an eye contact or a message?

These traits – and I only have one that is a deal breaker – are just guidelines. We all want that – or we think we may want – model perfect man or woman but we are also all intelligent enough to think that we aren’t going to find the “perfect” woman or man here.

I suppose you are wondering what is getting me going today. A day or two ago – maybe it was over the weekend, I got a message from a new guy. Wasn’t a screenname I had seen around so I did check out his profile before I read the message.

I finally open and read the message and it is a rant. I have never talked to this guy before, have no idea who he is. He is ranting and raving over the fact that I put down I am looking for a guy 5’10” (which in my mind is not all that tall) to 6’5″. This does not mean I am not going to talk with someone shorter or someone taller.

So for those of you out there, do you just not answer these particular questions in a profile? Do you assume people will realize you are not totally shallow? Or do you go off the deep end when you see a profile of someone and you don’t fit that person’s criteria?

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