Just my Thoughts

Lunar Eclipse

I have said it before, I am a science geek. My kids even call me a geek. They don’t seem to mind when I can help with homework, though.

I got up at 4:40 am today to have time to make coffee before the start of the lunar eclipse. Before starting the coffee, always the pragmatist, I went out to be sure I could see the moon. It was beautiful but quite close to a cloud. Not thinking that it is moon-setting time, I came in and made the coffee. Went back out at 5 am to see the start – as here on the east coast, totality is not until just before 6 am – and the moon was totally cloud covered.

I am checking every ten minutes or so to see if it has reappeared from under the clouds or if the trees are now, due to setting, going to block my view.

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