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Just what the h*** is college for?

I am on a roll today. Yesterday, work was really busy and left me little time to type. Due to that, I saw a lot of news/articles but do not put my opinion down to the page.

I am a huge college football fan. Many reasons for this love but suffice it to say that college football, to me, seems more pure than professional football. I also have found memories of college football when I was at WVU.

Anywho, I have always wondered, even more so after having to student-athletes go to college, just what the hell these students think college is for?

The first article that got my attention was one about how trying a season the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are going to have this upcoming season. They have a very young team. This tends to happen when your coach is only in his third season. But that is not the eye catcher. The thing that made me really hit my head in an “I coulda had a V-8” way was that there are nine, yes nine, fifth year seniors on the team. Number one, there are only four years of eligibility regardless of how many years you have to attend to complete college. Number two, if you are a fifth year senior, you were redshirted for a year. Supposedly in the redshirted year, you could have taken a full load of classes as you don’t have to travel with the team. But anyway, this is nine fifth year seniors out of I believe 16.

The second headline – and this one really got me – was regarding Steve Spurrier and the University of South Caroline. Spurrier, in all his glorious indignation, has asked the university to change its admission policies/procedures for athletes. Evidently, Spurrier was embarrassed that two of his recruits were not admitted to the college. Is there any thought in the football coach’s mind that maybe he ought to screen his recruits a bit more?

College is for an education. Certain students cannot withstand the educational requirements at certain universities. This is why universities have entrance requirements. Why change the whole for a small subset (average football team has 50 players)? Why not get the smaller subset to fit into the requirements of the whole?

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