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The Annual Perseid Meteor Showers

Nothing like three blog entries in one day to say “you should be doing something useful.”

I was toying with an impromptu visit to my sister in NJ on Sunday. Then, I started thinking. Never a good idea. First, there is the youngest who would want to go see Aunt Beth. He is doing two 60plus mile bike rides this weekend with his father. Then, there is the 16 year old. Either he and his girlfriend are breaking up or he has learned something don’t deserver to be begged for. They haven’t seen each other in a couple of weeks. To the best of my knowledge, phone calls have been at a minimum also. He has already asked if he can go mini-golfing on Sunday evening. While I didn’t ask, I presume it is with the g/f so I can’t bail on that commitment. Third, my 20 year old daughter – I specify because I also have a 20 year old son – is coming home today. This would mean 250 miles in the car today and another 250 tomorrow or so. While she says it is fine as long as I drive, I don’t think she really means it.

Then, there is the once a year reason. The Perseid meteor showers are suppose to peak tomorrow night. I love sitting out in the back yard and pointing my chair towards the sky. Lei is bringing home her chaise lounge. It will be great fun! I can’t go to Jersey and enter the “can’t see the stars” zone as it is so populated.

Guess the trip will have to wait!

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