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Do politics cater to the special interest groups?

I wrote, earlier this week, about whether the GOP is watching the Democratic gatherings and if the GOP will learn from the appearances of their soon-to-be competition. Now comes a bigger question. Just who, or what special interest group, do you have to be to get a sit down with the major contenders?

As I was watching the news last evening – I know, what a Friday night!, it came to my attention that six of the eight Democratic candidates for the party’s nomination for president had attended, by invitation, a forum with a gay and lesbian organization. It is not that I think this particular special interest group doesn’t deserve the sit down with the candidates. I am sure the group does. My question sort of goes beyond that.

All the focus in campaign reform has been on money for special interests, PACs, lobbyists. How is speaking to the issues of a specific organization any different? Isn’t the office of the president suppose to act in a manner that is best for the overall good of the entire nation? Aren’t a lot of special interest groups really interested in things that the separation between federal and state governemtn would put solidly in the state area of control?

Is it truly a good idea for candidates for their party’s presidential nomination to meet with special interest groups – whether these groups deal with membership in labor unions or sexual orientation?

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