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Baseball – Tom Glavine

Yeah, yeah…historic baseball weekend! Oh wait, to a purist that would have been last weekend when Cal Ripken, Jr and Tony Gwynn were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.

I am not interested in Alex Rodriguez being the youngest player to ever hit 500 homers. If I were a Yankees’ fan, I might be. At least this was a legitimate record.

I am definitely not interested in anything Bobby Bonds did over the weekend. As I said previously, purist comes to mind. I think I should be sitting in the stands with a big asterick sign like so many others are.

I am talking about Tom Glavine. No, I am not a Mets fan. I have been known to cheer for the Mets, unless they are playing my team. I have always – even through the few lean, rebuilding years – been an Atlanta Braves fan. No, I don’t live in Atlanta. No, I don’t – and never have – live anywhere in the Southeast.

So, last night, I watched a Mets game with great interest as Tom Glavine went after win 300. I so enjoy watching Glavine and Greg Maddux pitch still, even if they are no longer with the Braves.

I use to be a real baseball fanatic. Ranked right up there with my hockey fanatacism. I would even do box scores as I watched games. The last big “work stoppage” – why is everyone afraid to call it what it is: a strike – stopped that. I hardly ever watch games anymore. But last night, solely by chance, I caught the Mets game and watched as Glavine pitched win 300.

Great job!

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