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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Updated

Wow! I just had the most amazing breakfast. I had an omelet – farm-fresh eggs, local feta, onions, tomatoes. Well, tomatoes are not in season quite yet here so those were not from the farm but from the grocery but I still loved my breakfast.

I have to say that my attempt at eating better and supporting a local farm has been a great experience so – fresh corn on the cob on the grill the day it is picked, blueberries fresh from the bush for cereal or pancakes or smoothies, fresh beans and cabbage.

I have used spring onions to top fresh green beans. I have spent a day cooking nothing but cabbage items – cabbage and bean soup, curried cabbage, cabbage slaw in a pickle vinegrette. Previously, my cabbage was usually bought on St. Patrick’s Day. I have made a cucumber and tomato salad. I have found myself really eating better.

Thanks to Catherine and her farm!

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