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Photo Pending for Online Dating Site

Normally, I blog here and copy it to where I have a profile. Today, I did it backwards. Below is my blog from Cupid and I am having Yahoo! photo issues so the pic won’t show up.

I am sure my soon-to-be 19 year old daughter is going to freak out. How do I know this? I uploaded a photo today. It is pending approval. It is not a great photo but it is okay. It is not recent – January, I believe.

Now the daughter freaking out part. Last spring a coach in the soccer club my daughter played in then sent an email to all the girls on his U19 team, telling them that the director of coaching – a nice single guy – had a profile on this site. I looked at my daughter and asked her what was wrong with that. He isn’t from this area. He spends a good deal of time on his job at the university nearby and a good deal of time traveling to recruit for his team. The best I could figure it out, I don’t know how he had time to do the coaching that he does for the soccer club. I bluntly told Susan he was allowed to have a life and I was more concerned about the married coach who had “stumbled” across the profile than that the single coach had one here.

So there was my reasoning for not putting my pic up to start with. I didn’t want my kids to freak out – just this one anyway. I have finally said too bad! Look for a pic as soon as Cupid says it is okay.

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