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Happy May Day!


It’s just another memory from my past. I am talking about May Day.

In my neighborhood, we use to take old wallpaper sample books. We would pick the papers we loved and make baskets out of them. Then, we would either pick “flowers,” like dandelions or other things that grow in yards that the adults didn’t care about, or put snacks in these baskets. We would write a neighbors name on the basket and leave it on someone door knob. That was then – the late 60s and early 70s in small town America.

I have vivid memories of May Day at my children’s elementary school. These memories are so much fresher as my last May Day was just two years ago. The gym would always be crowded as there would be as many parents, neighbors and grandparents in the gym as there would be students. The Madrigal choir at the high school would come and sing also. There was a May pole and dance with it plus various dances by each different grade level. There would be flowers and at least half a school day to celebrate a very old custom.

Now May 1st is just another day. I do have a tennis match to go to but that is not really a celebration. I also am thinking it would be nice to make something special for dinner but who knows.

Buy yourself some flowers! Happy May Day!

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