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And the Oscar goes to…

Okay, I am hoping against hope that I can stay up long enough to see who wins Best Picture. I am sure this awards show will be just like the Grammys – I saw an hour. Actually, I should get to see more than an hour of the Oscars. It is Sunday night, a school night, so the kids should go to bed.

My problem with the Oscars is all those movies that come out just in time for consideration. I seldom get to an actual theatre to see a movie. I want to be able to watch it at home if I can’t see it at the theatre. When movies that came out in December are up for Best Picture – or any other of the honors for that matter, chances are I won’t see them until well after the awards are given and the show history.

This year, I don’t even know if all the Best Picture nominees even played in my town. That is definitely a funny statement but I live in a rural area. There are two major theatre chains in the general area – meaning within 15 miles from me – but they don’t get all the films that come out. Until I was watching some precursor to the Oscars, I had never heard of “The Queen,” nor had I heard of “The Last King of Scotland.” These both seem like good movies but nothing that has shown in my area.

Well, I have dressed up my avatar and am thinking about serving a special snack for the show but basically, it is just another Sunday evening at my house.

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