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Menu Planning for Three “Households”

Okay, I do use the term “households” loosely.  I am referring to what will be my home with only two children (soon-to-be 12 and almost 16 boys) and myself left and two college apartments.

Both my older boys – now young men and for those who don’t know me well, my kids are grouped in the older boys, the girls and then the little boys – are living in apartments instead of dorms this fall.  My oldest did so last year also – in a townhouse on campus.  Andy will be in an actual apartment off campus.

Anyway, I have always considered myself a menu planning amateur.  I realize the effects it can have on household budget and on preparedness but can I convince the boys it is a good idea?

The other thought is to introduce them to OAMC  or freezer cooking.  I will be up in the general area that Andy is in at least once a month through the fall semester.  His younger sister, as opposed to his twin sister, is playing Division 1 soccer and I will try to get to as many games as I can.  I can do some freezer cooking and take it to him and Ed, as his school is on the way.

I asked the community at to help with ideas.  I don’t think I put my words down properly as there were comments about a 19 year old not being able to cook.

Anyway, look forward to my menu plans and those for the boys if I can get that to work.  Also, look for my blogging about being a parent of a student-athlete.

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