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Do the People out there Understand?

I sit in budget hearings and board meetings and hear people say things to the affect that schools don’t need “that” – sports, clubs, music programs, theatre productions, academic competition teams.  Schools just need to educate our children, need to teach them math, reading, writing.  This is not the case anymore.  Anyone who has had… Continue reading Do the People out there Understand?

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Another Susan Milestone

Well, another milestone in Susan’s senior year. Her prom was on Friday. I am still recovering. The high school has a group of parents that form what is called the After Prom Party Committee. We put on an after prom party that is totally alcohol free and is a lot of work. My body is… Continue reading Another Susan Milestone

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Summer Approaches

Well, I have always loved summer.  It is easier to exercise as it is warmer out.  Walking in the snow, while doable, is not as convenient.  I like to eat less and exercise more.  Having at least two of my kids wanting or having to work out this summer is going to be great. Elise… Continue reading Summer Approaches