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Summer Approaches

Well, I have always loved summer.  It is easier to exercise as it is warmer out.  Walking in the snow, while doable, is not as convenient.  I like to eat less and exercise more.  Having at least two of my kids wanting or having to work out this summer is going to be great.

Elise is trying to keep up at least her running, if not running and working out, like she did at college.  She tried, especially in the second semester, to be sure to keep off the “freshmen 15.”  I think she succeeded greatly, but she is sure she put on weight.  She did not need new clothing when she got home for the summer so I doubt it is that bad.

Susan, on the other hand, is not exactly self-motivated.  She will be playing Division 1, NCAA soccer in the fall at Niagara University.  So, a week or ten days ago, the summer workout plan arrived.  I told her to look it over.  I found pricing for students at local health clubs.  She went last week and joined one so she can always run inside if it is too hot and humid to make running outside unhealthy.  She also needs the weight room for strength and conditioning.

Last Friday, knowing the plan started yesterday, I told her part of her job was to look it over.  She needed to figure out any questions she had.  She needed to plan out week one as this is also prom week for her.  She swears she looked it over.  Yesterday, she does her three mile run.  She comes back home and starts asking me questions about how much turkey breast is 3 ounces.  I am totally confused.  She forgot to mention there was a meal plan with program.

Off to the grocery.  Now I am well-stocked with fruit, Eggo waffles, Fig Newtons, reduced fat peanut butter and Triscuit crackers.  I have made sure I bought “Suz’s” favorite kind of orange juice.

We’ll see how this goes.

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