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School Building Plan

Okay, so I have finally decided that the administration at Maine-Endwell really doesn’t have a clue what is up.  If I were there and going to give the Press & Sun-Bulletin a summer article on the upcoming building plan, it would not be about purchasing land for additional sports fields.

All concerns that came up during previous meetings on the new capitol project centered around the sports end of it – artificial turf, a new swimming pool, etc.  Some of these concerns are not really new sports infrastructure but updating to code the spectator facilities.

It is true that the building project will eat into some of the school’s athletic fields … BUT there has always been complaints about students having to travel to Maine for sports’ practices and games.  Some of these concerns are founded; some are not.

Parents of older athletes are correct to worry if their student is “flying” over Fredricks Road to get to Maine for practice.  The school will DEFINITELY have to come up with a better way to transport students out there and then back to Endwell.  This is a hurdle but one I am sure the transportation department is up to.

The athletic department will also play an important part in this transition, should it come.  Coaches will have to be understanding about the start of practices and bus leaving times, whether it is game day or not.

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