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Campus Housing and the Transfer Student

Well, no car and no on campus housing.  What’s a mother to do?

I think I may have finally found the solution to Andy’s lack of housing in his transfer from Alfred University to the University of Buffalo.  I have been checking The Buffalo News on Mondays and looking at the various boards the university provides to no avail.  Yesterday, though, there was a breakthrough.

I found the University Village at Sweethome.  While I am sure the neighbors around the fairly new living community were not thrilled, it is just what I am looking for.  It is inclusive.  It has cable and high speed internet.  It has phone capabilities if you want them – he has a cell that should work fine.  It is within walking distance, less than a ten minute walk, to the north campus where his classes will be.  It has onsite laundry, onsite fitness center, a recreation area, a computer lab.  It is perfect, though expensive.  It is probably closely around the cost of a room and board package at the university.

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