As I sit waiting for my oldest, I think I should have brought my brackets – men’s and women’s NCAA basketball.  Or I should have brought my lap top.  I could be writing.  Instead I am scribbling words on a magazine subscription card.

I just heard the weather forecast on the radio.  I am thrilled!  I may be incorrect.  Yes,  there may be something I am not good at – Ha! Ha!  I swore when this spell of warmth started that we would see snow again.  Technically, we couls as nights are cold.  It does not, at least in the short term, seem we will.  Highs in the 60’s for a few days, rain possible at the end of the full day seems spring  may be here to stay.

Yesterday, as I did some home maintenance, I noticed the tulips had pushed a good few inches through the ground.  I wonder how these fragile greens can poke through hand, sometimes still frozen, ground.  Where did they get their strength, in their fragility?

Spring bloomers, like the tulips, have an inner strength like many people I know.  These people are fragile yet still have the strength to push through life’s trials and tribulations.

There are those with health issues – chronic illness, seasonal sickness.  He may stumble due to this health but ultimately he continues to parent, to work.  He has those few inches of stem poking out of the hard ground.

There are those who are facing financial problems.  She can barely make ends meet but manages to pay the bills until that month when, like trying to poke through totally frozen ground, everything happens at once – the electric disconnect, the cable/phone/internet disconnect, the car insurance all due at once.  The money, that evil necessity that has never been the sparkle in her eye, is coming but not at the right time, not in time.  She manages.  She knows who can loan her what she needs.  She know which bills can be put off.  She breaks through the ground slowly, hesitantly, like the tulips, hoping a freeze is not on the way.

Every now and then, words just flow out without a lesson necessarily.  I would say that we should all realize we don’t know what is happening with our perennials anymore than we do with our neighbors.  We help the flowers by covering them when a freeze is imminent.  We need to help our neighbors when possible, too.