Salt in the DVD player?  I was laughing as I read Aidan’s tweet over Steve’s shoulder.  You see, I am writing half-drunk blog entries out longhand while awaiting my turn on a computer somewhere in my house.

All I could think was salt in the DVD player has to be easier to deal with than peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the VCR.  Salt in the DVD has to be easier to clean out than getting the technician, in 1985 – when VCR technology was still fairly new, to remove a Matchbox car from the VCR.

And while I am on some of my pet peeves, why does Barbie have high heel feet?  She has the “perfect” figure so shouldn’t she get flat feet.  At least if she had flat feet like my Skipper doll did, stepping on those damn shoes in the middle of the night, while retrieving #5 or #6 for feedings, would not have hurt nearly as much!