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Condiments and Sandwiches in the DVD

Salt in the DVD player?  I was laughing as I read Aidan’s tweet over Steve’s shoulder.  You see, I am writing half-drunk blog entries out longhand while awaiting my turn on a computer somewhere in my house.

All I could think was salt in the DVD player has to be easier to deal with than peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the VCR.  Salt in the DVD has to be easier to clean out than getting the technician, in 1985 – when VCR technology was still fairly new, to remove a Matchbox car from the VCR.

And while I am on some of my pet peeves, why does Barbie have high heel feet?  She has the “perfect” figure so shouldn’t she get flat feet.  At least if she had flat feet like my Skipper doll did, stepping on those damn shoes in the middle of the night, while retrieving #5 or #6 for feedings, would not have hurt nearly as much!

12 thoughts on “Condiments and Sandwiches in the DVD

  1. Ladies, at what age does a mother get her daughter a Barbie doll? They were banned in my house growing up, and that’s all I remember. And I don’t want to have S feel the same way. But then, she’s only FOUR. OMG. FOUR. too young for a Barbie, right? And yet, she’s so young that she doesn’t even “get” the controversial female representation. Or does she. Subconsciously. AGH.
    And, I have a certain sister whose mechanically genius husband had to remove the CD player from his car and SHAKE OUT COINS inserted by his then 3-year-old.

    1. I wouldn’t get a Barbie doll for a child until that child asked for one. Not all girls or boys want to play with Barbie. Although, and I am sure if you knew me better now you would wonder what I knew about Barbie, I may not be Barbie material as an adult, I had it all as a kid – dream house, car, homemade clothing, store bought clothing, and those damn pointy shoes I now hate.

      Coins in the CD player? That is a good one. Hopefully, the then 3 year old did not think something should come from putting the coins in…like a drink machine.

    2. Jen – H is almost five and still has no interest in a Barbie (thank god). She’s still into baby dolls that she cares for and who wants to care for a grown woman who doesn’t wear a diaper? And has boobs? Anyway… I’m hoping H will love her baby dolls forever and ever and I won’t have to deal with the issue. They were banned in my house too.

  2. I HAD TONS of Barbies.

    Mine were so pervy. I drew tats on them and they had lots of painful sex. THen my mom made my dad quit his motorcycle gang, and I moved on to smutty books.

  3. One of my boys loved to put coins in my cassette player. (that sounds so old, it is and I’m still driving that truck) It would immediately come my attention as I turned the car and heard the cascade of coins traveling across the inside of my dashboard. It was great fun! After repeated coin fishing trips in the cassette player, my husband super glued the opening shut.

    I don’t have girls so I can’t comment on Barbie, but I wouldn’t get her started on anything you question until she asks for it!

  4. Luke takes the cable card out of the cable card slot and hides it in the DVD player. Now we’ve figured out his game but for a full day we couldn’t watch TV because the cable card was missing. Little kids and buttons… the death of me.

  5. LOL I love this post! I never got a barbie when I was growing up. I got this one doll sort of thing that tanned when ya put it under a lamp. I never played with dolls much.

    My favorite was a stretch armstrong!

    I picked a hole in his foot and ate the pink stuff that was inside. It was kind of sweet. Me and my sister used to hide in the closet and poke his feet with pins and squeeze it out. haha We didn’t have VCR’s or anything when I was growing up. 😉

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