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Summer is Here

Okay, so the weather is going to be more spring-like this week here in upstate New York.  However, the end of school year activities – from picnics to Regents exams to amusement partk trips to graduation and graduation parties – are in full swing. I have created a new cookie.  Actually, my pumpkin chocolate chip… Continue reading Summer is Here

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Spring and Summer Arrive Together

Okay, temperatures were summerlike yesterday. I was in, as I said, shorts and a sleeveless shirt. I had a great time at my son’s tennis match as it was so beautiful out. I opened windows – that I had washed on Saturday – and there is where the beauty ends. I left the windows open… Continue reading Spring and Summer Arrive Together

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Do I dare tempt fate?

Do I dare tempt fate? I have managed to clear a space in the laundry room – no small feat – and want to bring in from storage the boxes with spring/summer clothing in them and swap out the winter items. What happens when I do this? Unfortunately, history has proven that I end up… Continue reading Do I dare tempt fate?

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Summer Approaches

Well, I have always loved summer.  It is easier to exercise as it is warmer out.  Walking in the snow, while doable, is not as convenient.  I like to eat less and exercise more.  Having at least two of my kids wanting or having to work out this summer is going to be great. Elise… Continue reading Summer Approaches