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Summer Planning


Wow! It is finally warm here. I have on shorts and a sleeveless shirt and am not cold. So my mind is turning to summer. It may approach 80F here and that is definitely summer temps.

This is going to be a different summer for me personally. Normally, summer seems rushed and cramped. My three college-aged kids who do not live at home come home. Unfortunately, those kids still at home have spent ten months living without these older three here and have expanded their personal space. We cram everyone back into the house.

This year, none of my older college-aged kids will be home. My oldest is graduating from college this month. He is thinking he will stay in Syracuse, where he has a real job starting in September. He is looking for a place to live and a summer job. The twins are both staying at school – one to work a part-time job in IT on campus and take eight credit hours, one to be a full-time RA for the summer.

So what will the three kids at home be doing? At least one is going on vacation with a friend. I really feel for Ocean City. I may want to go visit before this group gets there. My youngest will attend a summer program held locally and go to Scout camp for a week. He will also have scouting campout in June and August. It is the 16 year old that will need some thing to do. He has picked up one lawn mowing job for the summer. He is looking at a diving camp and possibly a tennis camp too.

So, what are your summer plans? Because I definitely need to make some of my own.

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