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Giving and Receiving

I was sitting in church yesterday, listening to Deacon George’s homily.  Okay, I admit I don’t know if people other than priests give homilies but Deacon George was talking about the readings of the day and really hitting home with me.  And while I couldn’t tell you exactly what the verses were I will explain… Continue reading Giving and Receiving

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Christmas Years Ago

It was years ago – many but not so many she does not recall the feelings of shame and embarrassment.  This time of year she usually can push these memories out of her mind but for some reason, this year she cannot. She had still not found a full time job other than working at… Continue reading Christmas Years Ago

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29 Days of Giving

This time of year – the holidays – always seem to bring out giving.  We give to our local religious organizations.  We give to our local food pantries.  We give to each other.  Sometimes, we give to others that we do not know but mostly to those we love.  Sometimes our gifts, donations to charitable causes,… Continue reading 29 Days of Giving