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Congressman Jack Murtha (D-PA) Disses Constituents

Okay, normally the goings on in the Pennsylvania 12th Congressional District are of little concern to me.  I live in the New York 22nd Congressional District.  Unfortunately, I do know who the congressman for the PA 12th is as Jack Murtha is in the news a lot.  He has been in Washington for a while,… Continue reading Congressman Jack Murtha (D-PA) Disses Constituents

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Voter Suppression by Government?

I know we think that title sound preposterous.  I would have thought so if I hadn’t just finished reading my local paper.  Please bear in mind I have two college-aged children expecting absentee ballots for the election and I live in the Town of Union. I guess I need to be a bit more truthful. … Continue reading Voter Suppression by Government?

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Rescue for the Middle Class

Yes, that is what this is called – Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s Rescue Plan for the Middle Class.  I don’t know about you but I don’t necessarily want to be rescued at the expense of the freedoms I believe I enjoy as an American citizen.  I know the big speech was yesterday so I… Continue reading Rescue for the Middle Class

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The One and Only Vice Presidential Debate – Part II

Not to try and leave off where I did but below you will find additional topics covered last night in the vice presidential debate.  I have tried hard to not listen to or read very much on the debate today so these are my thoughts. Climate Change Causes – This topic is a tie.  Sarah… Continue reading The One and Only Vice Presidential Debate – Part II

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The One and Only Vice Presidential Debate

The hype around the debate last night was more interesting, in my mind, than the actual debate.  Yes, in many ways, it was historical with Sarah Palin being the first woman to be nominated as her party’s vice presidential candidate.  Yes, there was a black woman as moderator.  I didn’t think either of these items… Continue reading The One and Only Vice Presidential Debate

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The First Presidential Debate

Let me start by saying I had trouble concentrating on the debate at first.  I found the Big East match up of UConn at Louisville much more interesting than the start of the debate.  My thoughts on why – both candidates were tiptoeing around the economic questions so as to not “upset the market” or… Continue reading The First Presidential Debate

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Useful Election Events Upcoming

I usually wax political here when I discuss the upcoming election.  Today I am going to point out that it is primary day in my home state of NY.  If you are a registered voter, get out there and vote. Aside from that, if you are – as I am and for the first time in… Continue reading Useful Election Events Upcoming

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A Question for the Women out there

Here’s a post for you women out there.  I guess it is also for you men out there who like women or who have a woman in your life – mother, sister, wife.  So really it is just a question. I was purusing my normal political blogs today when a headline caught my eye.  The… Continue reading A Question for the Women out there