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Voter Suppression by Government?

I know we think that title sound preposterous.  I would have thought so if I hadn’t just finished reading my local paper.  Please bear in mind I have two college-aged children expecting absentee ballots for the election and I live in the Town of Union.

I guess I need to be a bit more truthful.  The actual mailing of absentee ballots is being held up by court order.  I have seen the Supreme Court decide one election in my lifetime.  I don’t feel that a local judge should disallow 651 – probably not an important number for either candidate in a decidedly blue state like New York – voters who have followed all the rules to vote.  The original article can be found here.

The problem all circles around library taxes.  A few years back a new taxing entity was voted on to provide funding to two libraries in the Town of Union so that local municipalities in the town did not have to fund the library out of their operating budgets.  Now, the boards of directors of the two libraries and the Town board are fighting over a referendum on this November’s ballot.  A judge has ordered the absentee ballots for those 651 residents of the Town of Union to not be mailed. 

This action is absolutely ridiculous.  Mail the ballots.  Decide on the issue at question.  Then, order the board of elections to either count the votes on the library referendum or to disregard it, dependent on the court ruling.  DO NOT TAKE 651 PEOPLE’S VOTES AWAY FROM THEM!

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