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Voting 2016

My primary vote was cast in New York. I was still living there in April.


I should have realized that voting in North Carolina would be an issue. I registered through the DMV when I got my license. We all remember how hard it was to get my license in the mail, don’t we? I finally had to ask Raleigh to send it to a friend’s address after it had been returned multiple times. Lo and behold, I didn’t get the information from voter registration. It was sent back, no such address. I still got to vote. I registered day of and early voted yesterday.


Early Voting
Vote Early!


I am intrigued by early voting. Now, I realize I was there and had to register and then vote but the line was amazing. It weaved around the room at the senior center. It went out the door. The parking lot was full all the time. Add to that, people. There were people standing outside the line of no electioneering from this point on holding signs. A friend of mine that ended up in the outside line behind me said at least they were not grabbing people today. I made some comment that I didn’t care how old these people were, if they had grabbed me, there would have been problems.


And, then, the funniest part of it, I saw this sign.

Vote from your car
Curbside Voting

Now, I’ve told you all the great parts of voting in North Carolina. What is the oddest thing you’ve ever seen when voting?

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