I’m Not Ready

Normally, I’d be reviewing my annual goals right now. I probably should have done it over the weekend when I took time to do my business goals for the quarter. I thought I was going to but then I got into a discussion about how I really wanted to go to Oktoberfest at Wicked Weed in Asheville but couldn’t really afford to spend the day drinking.

While that discussion was centered solely around my financial status – I’m not broke but close enough, I really can’t afford a day of drinking for a totally different reason. I’m racing on Saturday.

That is a sentence I haven’t muttered since the end of March. Six months and a week it has been since I raced and that last race was a 15K that I walked with Ron Slocum. I ran a half marathon a week or so before that but stuck with my friend Rebecca and walked portions as she was rather pregnant. And, by the way, I finally got to meet her son last week.

So, I’m running the Bethel Half Marathon on Saturday. I am woefully underprepared but will be fine in the end. I probably won’t run much this week but will walk the lake quite a bit to get movement in.

Have you ever run a race you have not really prepared for? How do you plan out your race?

Bethel Half Elevation Profile
Elevation profile of the Bethel Half

How do you estimate your finish time?

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