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I subscribe to a few newsletters from musical groups. One new such newsletter seems to come rather frequently but I’m still holding out on unsubscribing, waiting until I see how many emails I get over the course of a month before saying sayanora if too many.

Today’s email was ten random facts about the lead singer of the group who is 23 (I tell you this for later reference). I do not normally do this but was just questioning my conversational skills this morning as I had let a connection on a dating site sit for a bit even though we seemed to have a good conversation the previous time we spoke. Ten random facts were written and then the ask. Reply and share ten random facts about me. Here they are.

Ten Random Facts about Me

  1. I have six kids (and five of them are older than you are. … By the way, I have a very nice, single 29 year old daughter….LOL)
  2. I’m a vegetarian. These two facts probably get me the most drops in the dating game. Men think I’m strange because of the number of kids. Then, to not eat a burger. Well…. too bad
  3. I’m a runner. Has taken me years to be able to say that. I’ve run 7 full marathons. 25+ (can’t keep track) half marathons and countless other distances. I also cycle and swim but not all three together. I guess that first sentence should read I’m an athlete but that is harder to wrap my head around than being a runner.
  4. I’m in the middle of the move of a lifetime. If you follow me on social media, this is evident by the posts of boxes and the ever present hashtag #moving. I’ve lived all but five years of my life so far in the same general area of NYS, along the Susquehanna River not far from Pennslyvania. I’m moving to Western North Carolina.
  5. I love to write. I have several unpublished books on my various cloud accounts and hard drives.
  6. I have a forestry degree. It was my first degree. I love to be outside in the woods or on a trail.
  7. I used to have a compost can on my countertop near the kitchen sink. I do not currently have a lot of counter space (something I am looking to rectify) so it eventually went away.
  8. I haven’t owned my own vehicle in close to ten years. Most of my kids, even though they do not all live nearby, own cars and I borrow when needed.
  9. I was separated longer than I was married to my ex. We married in 1984, separated in 1997, divorced in 2013. Maybe that helps men I look at dating with the whole I’m strange concept.
  10. Reading is almost like breathing to me. Okay, maybe not that necessary but I average 200 books a year.

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