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Doing Less

I believe I have mentioned that I had a coaching call with Tara Newman in January of 2015. I am still reaping the benefits of that 60 – maybe it was 90 (it was actually 75 minutes) – minute call. Any qualms I had about discussing my life and business with someone have been permanently eliminated by that time with Tara and the subsequent joining of a leadership group she has on Facebook.

Last week she did a five day, free challenge to help do more by doing less. I know it does not sound possible but there are so many things that eat at our time. We really can streamline what we do by making some small changes. Each day consisted of  a video and written words. The participants were left with doable actions.

While I still feel that the day dealing with email may have had the biggest impact for me, I am still realizing – just as it was with the coaching phone call – the benefits.

The final day centered around structure. I have tended to fight structure since my children are finally all grown. I spent years as a single mom with six kids. While their father was fairly close, most responsibility for day to day living and activities – including carpool – fell to me. I lived by my calendar. These days I dislike structure to that extent.

I did realize, though in retrospect, the reason I have felt like I am floundering a bit is because I do not have enough structure in my daily life. I need to get back to day of the week structure – meaning Mondays are for X, Tuesdays for Y, etc. I cannot continue to just do what pops up and sustain my life. It leaves me open with too much time to get nothing done. I believe if I institute a bit more structure along with Tara’s “critical few,” I will be much more productive in both my business and my personal life.


Have you ever had a coach? Do you take online, email courses/challenges? What is  your favorite?

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