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Disclaimer: I received product for free through my association with Fit Approach. All opinions are my own. Product in giveaway is shipped from the company.

29 days ago I started a healthy living campaign with BeFit. This included using their PRE, their whey protein and BURN. It also including following their workout schedule. My intent was to do this process in addition to my regular running as I am training for a half marathon that is this coming Saturday.

I love the workouts which are on YouTube. I cast them to my television set with my ChromeCast and work right along with the women on the screen. The jumping portions of the workouts were very difficult for me as I have very low ceilings. I would frequently modify my time instead of doing jumps. Probably not quite as effective but it worked for me. My only concern about the workouts is there was seldom a modified version to follow.

The workouts were all approximately  10 minutes long so they fit into my day easily. We all have 10 minutes we can workout, right? They worked all major parts of the body and I totally intend to continue to use them. I’m currently 7 weeks out from my son’s wedding and my dress is sleeveless. I need toned arms. The workout schedule seemed to have a progressive manner. The days with more than one workout did try me occasionally, especially if I had a run that day also.

The whey protein is good. I had a chocolate one. It mixed easily with water. I frequently put a frozen banana in with mine because that is the way I like smoothies. PRE drink seemed  a bit too sweet for me. There is no added sweetener in it but my taste buds thought of it as sweet.  I needed to use a shaker bottle to get this to mix well. It did not stir to totally mixed. BURN for before your largest meal of the day were my biggest issue. I would forget to take them. I’m a take before getting out of bed or as you go to bed type of person. Having to remember to take a pill as I was cooking dinner became an issue for me.

I did not start this plan with the intention to lose weight but I did weigh myself once week during the time.  The first week saw a two pound gain. The second week saw another two pound gain. This could be due to the position in my cycle. The third week saw a two pound loss and this last week saw a 7 pound drop. I’m very happy with the workouts and the results.


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