Stocking Stuffers for that Active Person

I would say that these listed items are for runners but a good deal of them will be a great gift for any fitness enthusiast or active person on your stocking list.


Let’s pretend this little thing is waiting to be filled. Here is what I would love to find in my stocking. Just a heads up – Amazon links will take you to the Amazon Smile page of M-EALS, a local group that supports Spartans in need.

Anti-Chafing Product

I am partial to two different products but there are a ton of them out there. I’m currently loving on 2Tom’s Sport Shield. I like the individual towelettes but any version is good. Prior to discovering this product, I was a big fan of BodyGlide.


I have to be totally honest in that I love these little dots. Magnetic means of keeping a race bib in place make me all kinds of happy as I hate putting pins through my good running gear. I usually, even in short races, wear my fuel belt to keep from using pins but RaceDots mean I don’t have to anymore.


These are rather preferential. Everyone likes their own favorite brand. I have tried many different bands and will let you know my favorites here. Please try to make sure that your recipient gets the type he/she will like best. These are in no particular order.

Marathang – My good friend Angie Maske-Berka, whom I met in Roanoke several years ago, makes these lovely bands. I have two and wear them frequently. I can manage to wear these under my bike helmet if I need to, also.

Sparkly Soul – This company makes amazing sparkly headbands. I bought my first at the expo at Marine Corps in 2014 when I ran that marathon. I didn’t buy something to go with my race outfit but the blue/gold one to wear when my Mountaineers are playing (and, yes, I do wear it when I’m watching those games).

BondiBand – While BondiBand makes many different products, I have used a link that directly to what I have used. I cannot vouch for anything else on the site but this particular headband. I have one from my year as a Ragnar ambassador. I love it and it keeps hair and sweat out of my face. I also can wear this one under my bike helmet with no problems at all.

HeadSweats – I have both a HeadSweats hat (with the #RunChat logo on it) and a headband. I love them both. In the desert last year, the headband, even though my hair was relatively short, was a staple of my runs. I have not yet tried to wear the headband under my bike helmet but my stepdad wears his that way.


As with headbands, fuel is very, very personal. I know friends that swear by energy gels that turn my stomach. Other friends think what I use is no good. Try to do a bit of snooping in your favorite runner’s pockets and see what keeps him or her going when out on a long run. Below are what I love! 

Honey Stinger – First a small disclaimer. I was just recently selected to rep Honey Stinger for the upcoming year. More on this later this week. I applied for this position because I love the products. I am not recommending them because of being a member of the Hive. I love all the Honey Stinger energy gels. Add to that the waffles – which appear in my riding jerseys for long bike rides. I have visions of taking the gingersnap waffle and making an ice cream sandwich out of two of them.

GU – Most people use GU as the name for energy gels. I am a generic term sort of girl. Years of education in marketing make me call energy gels just that and tissues, regardless of brand, tissues. I have some likes and dislikes as far as flavors go with GU but I told you from the start, this is personal.

Clif Bars – I love all kinds of Clif Bars so peruse to your hearts content and pick what your athlete likes to eat.



Not sure where you live but gloves are two fold here in Upstate NY. They keep my hands warm and they also have a stripe on them that is reflective to add additional safety to my run. My personal favorites are my Brooks with neon pink on them. These were a Secret Santa gift a few years back and I still love them. Unfortunately, I can’t find them anymore but look for something that can be dual purpose when you go glove shopping. 

Before I wore my Brooks gloves, I would buy gloves without fingers at the dollar store. They work perfect and do not get my hands overheated.

I am sure you have additional suggestions. What would be the one runner or athlete stocking stuff you want to receive?


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