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November in Review

On target or not?
On target or not?

While my year may be a bit off target, I was close to hitting dead center for November. Close but not quite. I probably ended up in one of those yellow areas.

The reason I was yellow but not quite in the center? I joined my friend Angie’s 100 miles in November. I did not reach 100 miles. Sitting here typing this on the 30th, I am 16 miles shy and am not going out today to run 16 miles. Now, according to the group rules, I could add in the 8 miles I walked in cool downs but that still puts me needed 8 miles to hit 100 and I do not have time for that today. I have too much to do.

I also started #HolidaySweat which I was pretty good about until Thanksgiving week. Actually, Thanksgiving week is where my running and cycling mileage, not to mention my Pilates practice, all fell apart. While I did run the local Turkey Trot, I managed to only run about 20 miles Thanksgiving week due to life. I never once got on my bike and basically ignored Pilates. I also managed, I think, to forget to log my minutes with #HolidaySweat.


I getting back on track right now in 20F weather as the sun is shining. I am not going to cycle but am heading out for a run to keep my momentum going into December when things get even more hectic. The good news about hectic is that it is all on me, not visiting children and other family – at least for the most part. I can live with rearranging activities so I can get in my exercise and training.

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