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I have no idea why this particular song is on my running playlist but “Kristofferson” sung by Tim McGraw came on as I was about mile four of my 5.5 miles this morning. The lyrics got me to thinking of the “Dear John” letter I would have written for my last relationship if I had put it in words on paper.

Dear John (not his real name),

I love you but … yes, isn’t there always a but? It is not enough. I know you will think I’m lying. I am not.

I love you but I do not love your attitude. I’m, as I am almost certain you would describe me, a glass half full kind of girl. I may miss the sunshine on a cloudy day but I don’t mind puddle stomping to make the best of the rain. You’re a glass three quarters empty kind of guy. Everything is a problem. Even the sunny days seem to bring you down.

I love you but do not love the me I am when I am with you. I let you separate me from friends and family. Yes, I understand that is a sign of a bad relationship. I should have spoken up but always seemed afraid to assert myself with you. I saw you as too fragile to take my issues with how I was changing.

I wish you nothing but the best but not with me. Someone out there is the person for you but that person is not me.


And there it is. “I’m gonna tell you how I feel, straight up genuine and real… Like Kristofferson would do.”



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