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What a Weekend for Football!

This past weekend was a football lover’s dream. All the football I could have wanted to watch had me thinking back to tailgates in college and even more recent ones as a parent of a high school football player. Granted both of these were very different but still tailgate parties.

Friday night my local high school put its win streak on the line. A win and they would hold sole position of the NYS record. The team has won four straight state championships and now has won 56 straight games.

WVU SU Game - Old game but one I was at

Saturday, I managed to catch my Mountaineers on television. It is not often West Virginia games are played on television in Upstate NY, especially since they left the Big East for the Big 12. While WVU didn’t win, it was a great game and a tailgate in Norman, where the game was, would have been spectacular.

And, finally, Sunday had me waiting until the late afternoon game to see my Vikings play. Again, not too often the Vikings are on in Upstate NY. I am sure it was made easier by at least one NY team playing in London so that freed up a time slot. Add to that the fact the Vikings were playing the Broncos and it made for great television.

Now, do you tailgate only when at a game? I like to set up a tailgate spread here at home for games.

While I often use this recipe for a holiday gift, I also enjoy it while watching a good football game. Spicy almonds make for nice light snack.


Spiced Almonds

Another favorite of mine for tailgating is hummus with veggies or crackers. You can find three different hummus recipes here.

If you are looking for additional ways to add a bit healthier food to your tailgate, check out’s healthy snack page. I found lots of goodies there.

Do you tailgate? What is your favorite tailgate food?

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