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Summer is Ending

While temperatures are saying it is definitely still summer, autumn is on its way. I know because I have been dodging falling leaves and already fallen acorns on runs. Plus this patch of pumpkins is ready to harvest.

Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch

I had a full summer and here are a few of the things that I did.

  • I had friends and family over for a fire on Memorial Day weekend – the unofficial start of summer.wpid-img_20150522_215427.jpg
  • I participated in the Vestal XX in June, walking the race with Ron Slocum who has finished all of the Vestal XXs.
  • My daughter and her wife were here from Pittsburgh.
  • I ran the KLR 10K on July 4th in Montrose.
  • My cousin and her husband were in town at the end of July so there were some family fires at my aunt and uncle’s home.
  • I went to Buffalo to my son and daughter-in-law’s and did a pedal tour.Pedal Tour


  • My sister visited from New Jersey.
  • I went camping at Salt Springs State Park in PA (more on this to come later) and ran a trail race at the park.

    All my camping stuff
    All my camping stuff
  • I’m having a summer ending fire with friends and family tomorrow night.

On top of all these wonderful things, I did some great reviews on products such at Bulu BoxFreekeh, LaceLockers and Bon Appetit Pizza. I’ve reviewed a lot of books. I’ve run and I’ve ridden my bicycle.

You can anticipate seeing some additional race reviews, more product reviews and more book reviews. I’m also going to get back to writing on a more regular basis as I am going to be slowing down a bit. With all my summer activities, I’ve been neglecting my writing here.

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