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Project 52, Week 2

Well, week two of a photo topic a week was not any easier for me than week one was. Topic of the week was morning.

My initial thought was a sunrise but I live, in my house, in a valley. Sunrises tend to not be very good as I don’t get the sun over the hill until a couple hours after the actual rise of the sun. I’ve been in Pennsylvania this week at my boyfriend’s but still no stunning sunrises as the day there was not cloud cover, it was so cold I was not going outside to get sunrise photos.

So I give you morning. I never skip breakfast. I love cereal – hot, cold doesn’t matter. I also love a mug of hot beverage. I prefer coffee but will drink hot cocoa or tea or even hot cider. In winter, just HOT.


5 thoughts on “Project 52, Week 2

  1. I was actually excited to get a sunrise photo for this week’s challenge- even if I’m not a morning person and wouldn’t you know it was cloudy all week. Oh well. I enjoy a good bowl of cereal too – whenever I get up early enough to get it.

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