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Project 52, Week One

The first weekly theme for the photographic challenge I’m doing this year was “you.” I talked last weekmabout how this theme threw me a bit. How could one photo of me take in all of me? Then, I went out for a run and it came to me.

This photo is me.
This photo is me.

Now, I know this is not a photo of me. As I was out for my run, I thought about all the parts of me I wanted to show in the photo.

You can see nature in the photo. Nature is important to me. I love being outside. I have a degree in forestry. I love to run outside. I love to hike and camp.

You can see a small incoming flow to the right of the photo. This symbolizes many parts making up a whole, my original problem with this theme.

I see trees with no leaves. My youngest left home Saturday to move in with his girlfriend. While I still have a daughter living at home, we are more like roommates than parent-child.

I see evergreen trees. These tree look close to the same all year. I wish everything would stay the same like these trees.

The upper left of the photo has an open field. Open fields, to me, signify chances for growth.

If you had to take a photo that was “you,” what would it look like?

5 thoughts on “Project 52, Week One

  1. It would be of my son. He matters the most and inspires me. I take more pictures of him than myself anyway… I love the outdoors…and I always look for a nature trail….to walk or run.

  2. Beautiful photo. If I had to pick one photo it would be a family photo because my life is all about my family right now.

  3. Imagery is very important. Sometimes we think it just means a picture of us but we are so much more. I love your interpretation and photography is just that in a creative form! Thanks for linking up!

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