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Salt Springs Trail Race – Preview

This past weekend I was lucky enough to preview the short course at Salt Springs. The trail race is August 30th at Salt Springs State Park in Pennsylvania. You can register day of the race. I ran the 2.5 mile short course while others ran the 5.5 mile long course.


After leaving and crossing the bridge into the park, the start is an uphill one on a park road. The uphill goes for about a mile and is mostly road and field before you head into the woods and trails. The course is marked well, with the short course being marked in yellow arrows and the long course being marked in orange ones.

Where the long and the short course split
Where the long and the short course split


There are the expected rocks and tree roots on the trail. When I ran the course this past weekend, the park had been battered by a storm a few nights earlier. There was standing water on the trail and, in places, no choice but to go through it, as opposed to around the water. The downhills are slightly technical but mostly due to the steep nature. Many places it is a single track so please start where you should as people may not be able to get by you.


I strongly recommend, if you will be in the area, running this trail race. I would be there but am out of town on that date. It is easily set up to be for veteran, as well as novice, trail runners.

Are you racing Labor Day Weekend? Will it be a trail or a road race? Will you be at Salt Springs?

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