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Things I’m Loving Right Now

I have been toying with this post for some time. Just so y’all know, some of the things I am loving right now were received via in the Surf’s Up Vox Box. Others were my purchases. As always, the opinions are all me.

Sinful Colors Nail Polish

First off, this polish is available almost anywhere – Target, WalMart. I just had an email from Big Lots and they had some also. It retails for under two dollars not a huge expense. The great thing about it is the coverage. Usually, I look for really expensive polishes to be single coat coverage. Sinful Colors is a great single coat polish. I tried it in Sage Rose which is a color I can wear well into fall.


#RunChat first introduced me to HeadSweats. Now I own two different pieces from this company. I will be the first to admit I use to be a visor girl. It didn’t matter how long or how short my hair was. A visor worked perfectly. I would sport a hat while running as temps dipped in late fall or early winter but that was it. Now I am constantly in a either a #RunChat HeadSweats hat or a HeadSweats Ultratech Headband. Four weeks in the desert southwest in June ended with me wearing my hair shorter than I have in decades. The headband is perfect for runs when I do not need a bill to keep rain from my eyes/glasses. The hat works great in the desert also. My aunt soaked the head portion for me on a walk between her condo and my mom’s. The water didn’t run down into my eyes and the wet hat helped keep me cool.

United Airlines

I know a lot of people have had not so great experiences with United. In all honesty, my experiences were not the best but the way United handled them has made me a fan. I have had flights canceled when I needed to be somewhere. I have had refunds for partial trips issued. I have watched professionals deal with irate customers with care and understanding, even if the final answer was not what the customer wanted. While it may not be the smoothest way to get across the country – which I seem to be doing rather often, I love flying United.

Kindle App for Windows 8

I love to read. I have, in the past, spent way too much money on books. This problem solved itself when I started using Windows 8 and the Kindle App that it has. I know have tons of Kindle books that, for the most part, I received free of cost. I am reading voraciously and it is keeping me from here some days. BUT, to be a good writer, you MUST read.

What have you been loving lately?

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