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Are we ever satisfied? We live in a world of instant gratification. Almost anything we want is at our finger tips on the internet – music, food, clothing, shoes, dates. Do we know how to find what we want and then stick with it?

Have you ever bought a new pair of running shoes? You wear them for a few miles or a hundred miles. Suddenly, a friend tells you about their newer pair. Do you feel dissatisfaction at what you have, even though they are still good for running? Do you want to immediately look for a newer model?

What about clothing? I know a friend who will leave the tags on clothing until she absolutely has to wear it. She is never completely satisfied with her choice until she gets it on. If she should find a sale, or a style she likes better, before she wears the initial purchase, that first will go back.

I’ve found myself, lately, thinking that I need to do more research before making a purchase so that I can be sure I got the right thing. Then, I second guess myself when someone else talks about their purchase of the same thing.

What is it that causes us to think what we have is not what we should need or want?

Do you ever have buyer’s remorse? Does this dissatisfaction extend beyond your purchases to other decisions in your life?

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