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Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

I am reading a few reveals. I hate the first time I do something as I am always afraid I will do it incorrectly. My guess, after reading several reviews, is there is no wrong way to do a reveal.

I was really excited when I came home one rainy October day to find a priority mail box on my front porch, out of the rain, from Haley in San Diego. I immediately picked up the box and checked the box I had sent for status and it was also delivered. I had sent my youngest a Halloween package the same day and his college is close so I presumed he had received his box, also.

Haley did a wonderful job making the priority mailer look pretty. It was stuffed with orange tissue paper so was very fall, Halloweeny. And, what yummies she sent! I am hoping I can find some of these items here on the East Coast.

I have to admit to a huge weakness for chocolate. The first items I ate were as I sat home on a Thursday night and were the Belgian chocolates. These delicious bites were shaped like seashells – appropriate coming from San Diego. I savored every bit.

The next day I was looking for a snack as I plotted my trip to Runner’s World Half and Festival. Immediately, the Grammy Sammies from Haley’s box came to mind. I really thought these were, from reading the description on the box, going to be something totally different. They are delicious! I was afraid they were going to be like a sandwich with too much filling and make a mess but no such thing occurred.

As I packed for my trip, I included a bunch of what I call my “runner’s pantry,” fuel for during runs or snacks for after runs. I included in my packing the Dark Chocolate Almond Milk and the bag of honey roasted sunflower seeds. Both served me well directly after the half marathon and on my drive home from Bethlehem.

Just yesterday, I tried the Cheddar Bacon popcorn. Just a word of warning! I read the ingredients. No real bacon was harmed in the making of this product, though it does contain soy. There is not a prevalent bacon taste to the popcorn. I could taste the cheddar flavor much more. The bacon does come through though in the popping. That is when it really smelled like I was frying a pan of bacon.

I am still working my way through Haley’s goodies as I write this post and sip my cup of Eggnoggin’ tea (a tea bag was in the box). This is one of my favorite winter teas and I have not found it out in stores locally yet.

I cannot wait until next month!

Foodie Pen Pals is sponsored by Lindsey at http://www.theleangreenbean.com. If you are interested, check out her blog.

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