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Two Flavored Fudge

I am posting several of my favorite holiday recipes. Once you see what is in this recipe, you will understand why I only ¬†make it at the holidays. With us in the grasps of the holiday season, I know, as well as you all do, that a lot of celebrations center around food. In that… Continue reading Two Flavored Fudge

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Gender Rating on Health Insurance

Discrimination takes place all the time in the world. We may think that it is a thing of the past but it is not. Ask any person who appears ethnically different than the average white male and that person will tell you discrimination is still alive in the US. Even stranger, in my mind as… Continue reading Gender Rating on Health Insurance

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Turkey Trot – A Race Recap

Thanksgiving morning dawned sunny once the sun made its appearance. I live in a valley so even though sunrise may be at 7 AM, the sun may not get over the hill and down where I am until almost 8 AM. I awoke at 6 AM and made my sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner while… Continue reading Turkey Trot – A Race Recap

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New York’s Tax Levy LIMIT

Back in the 2011 NYS legislative session, there was a law passed dealing with municipal and school district taxes. This limit had been a huge talking point in the 2010 gubernatorial election. The biggest problem is the way it has been presented to the public. The legislators who wrote and passed the law and the… Continue reading New York’s Tax Levy LIMIT