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State Championships

My children go to a school that is known for its academics, a school that is known for its music program and a school that is known for its sports. When you consider the high school – where sports are played most – has approximately 800 students, it is a miracle that there is more… Continue reading State Championships

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Real Moms Love to Eat – A Book Review

How is your relationship with food? I know when I get in one of those funks about what I “have” to eat to stay healthy and what I “want” to eat to make myself happy, I want to talk out my thoughts with a good friend. That good friend attitude is what I found when… Continue reading Real Moms Love to Eat – A Book Review

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Penn State Thoughts

Who would have thought? Who would have foreseen? No one I am sure of that. I know, cryptic beginning but I am thinking about the mess at Penn State at the moment. I have been on a two week vacation. I was not hiding under a rock but did not pay particular attention to the… Continue reading Penn State Thoughts

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Traveling Tidbits & Late Winners

I just spent two weeks in the desert southwest. My mom lives near Palm Springs, California and I went out to celebrate her seventieth birthday. Getting to that area from the small Southern Tier of New York town that I live in is never easy but I managed to get there with limited plane changes.… Continue reading Traveling Tidbits & Late Winners