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Real Moms Love to Eat – A Book Review

How is your relationship with food? I know when I get in one of those funks about what I “have” to eat to stay healthy and what I “want” to eat to make myself happy, I want to talk out my thoughts with a good friend. That good friend attitude is what I found when I picked up Beth Aldrich’s Real Moms Love to Eat. The tone of this book drew me in faster than a good mystery and I love a good mystery.

The first section of the book is all about the Real Moms Love to Eat plan. Each chapter has five simple items or action steps for you to use in that week. Most of these are things that you have heard for a long time, such as getting rid of high fructose corn syrup in your diet. The thing is that it is not a huge list to tackle all at once. Please pardon the pun but the to-dos are in bite size pieces.

I am very excited about the amount of time Beth spends on salt. I crave salty items frequently. I also frequently give in to my cravings. Beth talks about changing your table salt as gourmet salts add more flavor. Also, she gives several recommendations for differing spices to use in your home to add more flavor to your food.

Beth also talks about raw foods. I have to admit I have frequently thought about eating raw but have been a bit apprehensive. It seems a bit drastic to me. After reading about raw, I am now thinking it is a much easier alternative that will allow me to eat some foods I really should ignore.

As any busy mom knows, we can read about an eating plan all we want. If it takes too much time to work it into our lives, it is going in the trash can. The second part of Real Moms Love to Eat is all about how to make it work in your life, how to make it fit. This section may be more important than the actual eating plan. Once you read it and see how easy it will be to put the plan into your life, you will want to go back and re-read the plan again. Perspective is everything and this chapter puts it in perspective.

Once you have read how to fit the plan into your life, there is a section that is actually the plan in practice. In this section, Beth actually gives you a three week plan to follow. The plan continues menus for three meals a day and snacks. There are recipes for the menu items. The book ends with a short “letter” from Beth. Throughout the entire book, Aldrich continues to sound like a good friend who is just telling you what works for her and how she sees it working for you.


You can currently find out more about Real Moms Love to Eat at and you can preorder by clicking here.


I was given a free galley copy of the book to read for review purposes. I also received a goodie box that had a lot of fantastic sponsor foods in it. The opinion of the book is all mine, not at all influenced by these.

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