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Traveling Tidbits & Late Winners

I just spent two weeks in the desert southwest. My mom lives near Palm Springs, California and I went out to celebrate her seventieth birthday. Getting to that area from the small Southern Tier of New York town that I live in is never easy but I managed to get there with limited plane changes.


Since my sister booked my flight, I had little control over where I was flying but was more than willing to go to several airports if necessary. I had only one request. I did not want to fly through Cincinnati again. The last time I flew out to that area, my flight went through Cincinnati and it was a horrible experience.  No Cinci this time.


The flights two weeks ago to Palm Springs were totally uneventful. I flew from Binghamton to Washington/Dulles to Denver to Palm Springs. My puddle jumper from Binghamton to Dulles was early getting in. This allowed me the ability to catch the shuttle from Gate A area to Gate D area. After my flight home, I realized how nice this was and how lucky I was as the shuttle runs strange times. I had, due to the early arrival, almost a full four hours to kill in Dulles which I did online most of the time.


I spent some time chatting with a wind turbine technician. While this is not work I would want to do, he was very into his work and even had plotted out a “plan” as to the areas he wants to work in next. This connection was a bit weird as Palm Springs has a huge wind turbine farm.


There was the man with many cell phones. I was sitting near the Samsung Charging Station as my Windows laptop has a limited battery life. I did want to be able to get online in Denver so wanted to charge instead of just using battery. There was a man there who had four different cell phones plugged into the charging station. This took all the outlets and I was just amazed. Eventually, someone asked him if he could unplug one or more so someone else could charge items. I just laughed. Imagine being so important you need that many cell phones. Either that or he has multiple relationships and a different phone number for each.


Denver seemed to be a very long airport. Remember I come in on a big plane from Dulles. I arrived at Gate 32 and departed at Gate 94. I kept walking and walking. If I had known exactly where I was going, I might have stopped for dinner sooner but I was a bit unsure so I waited  until I spotted the gate before settling a sandwich.


The story associated with Denver is all about the one flight attendant on the flight. There was a small baby on the flight. I was in row 2. The baby was in the back of a plane that seated approximately 50. The baby started crying before we even took off and the parents were having little or no luck getting the child to stop crying. The flight attendant looked at those of us up front and said she didn’t know what we were going to do about that baby but she was staying up front. I laughed to myself but damned if that woman made only one trip to the back of the plane. The rest of the time she inventoried whatever was around in the galley and didn’t go back there again.


That was my trip west. The return trip was not so great so will wait until another day. For now I want to let the winners of the cards from Shutterfly know who they are are. I will be contacting you tomorrow with your code.




Congratulations to you all!!!

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