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Wineglass Marathon – Race Recap I

I have wanted to run Wineglass Marathon for over a year. I decided in July 2010 I was going to run a marathon. I just didn’t get registered in time to run the 2010 edition of Wineglass. Fate had it that my first marathon was the 2011 Myrtle Beach and Wineglass – a local marathon running its 30th race – was my second.

As I decided about Wednesday or Thursday, I prefer the destination marathon. Once I leave the house for the destination, the trip is all about the race. Here, running a race that ends about an hour and fifteen minutes from my home has lead me to get caught up in daily life. I had a college kid home who needed to get back to college on Saturday. I had a high school son who had SATs and play read through on Saturday. All I wanted to do was go the expo, pick up my bib, stop for lunch at Market Street Brewing Company and rest.

Good news! Enter my friend Steve who was also running Wineglass. He has a spare room and transportation to the expo and to the buses to the start. To top it off, we haven’t seen each other since he ran a half in Binghamton back in May so this offers us a chance to catch up.


Saturday morning I get the boy up and off to his SATs with the reminder he needs to find a ride home after play rehearsal. I come home, pack all the stuff I have had laying around since Friday night and wake up the college kid. He is going to take me west and then come home before heading back to college.

Steve and I headed to the expo about 1:30 Saturday afternoon.  I have been to Wineglass twice as a spectator so knew what previous expos were like. I realized that they have just one sponsor at the expo and that it is a small race, even though the numbers have increased drastically in the last two years.  Upon entering the YMCA in Corning – a new and indoor location as opposed to a tent outside – a volunteer instructed us to check the wall for our bib number. I knew mine so proceeded on to the next line while Steve looked his up.

Look Up Your Bib

We then proceeded to get our bib numbers and timing chip in a cellophane bag. Next we received a blue, reusable bag stuffed with information about the area and a course map. We used these bags to put our shirts in and then looked around at the expo.

Once we left the expo, we had to head over the pedestrian bridge that use to be home to the finish line to get our champagne split and wine glass. Reason behind this was put to us quite simply by one of the volunteers at the YMCA. Y’s do not allow alcohol on the premises so those could not be given out in that location.  Truthfully, I am not exactly sure where they would have put more tables. Also, in the information center where the glasses and champagne were handed out, runners were able to purchase a $5 breakfast ticket if they so desired. A representative from the local UPS store was available to bubble wrap the glass and bottle if you desired and I was very happy to take advantage of this since I was unsure when I would be arriving at home with my goodies.











As the tradition of the last three years would have it, once the pick up was finished, Steve and I headed to one of my favorite places in Corning, Market Street Brewing Company. A brew pub is always on my list of places to visit when I travel and to have one so near the finish line makes me happy. The food is wonderful, from past experience, and I love a good beer.  Even better, the last two years, Octoberfest was not  yet released so I could not sample it but this year it was. Yippee!!


After lunch, Steve had to go back to work. I had time alone to go over my race plan and get my stuff all laid out. I am rather anal about organization. I also still had to make some sort of decision about what I was going to wear. Yes, I had long sleeves with me but I truly did not want to wear them. The thought of getting a long sleeve shirt wet and then having to keep it on did not move me at all. I laid out my outfit and put my chip on my shoe. I unwound a bit with some internet time and reading. I am trying to finish Howard Schultz’s Onward about his experiences with Starbucks. Basically, I wanted to be in bed by 8 and asleep by 9 pm. Plans were to be up by 4 and eating so we could be on the road to Corning by 5:30 am Sunday morning.











Stayed tuned for part two which is the actual race. 🙂

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